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ADDAGIOH SUPPLIES is an LPG consultancy company based in Lagos. Our mission is to help interested persons/companies to become successful in the LPG industry. Our area LPG specialty include:

  • Bulk trading of LPG
  • Procurement, installation and commissioning of LPG plants
  • LPG business advisory services
  • Regulatory approval & licensing consulting
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ADDAGIOH SUPPLIES is reputable company that puts integrity first when it comes meeting customer needs. We have a team of dedicated professionals that span out nationwide.

We offer our clients, capability in a wide range of field in our areas of expertise. Our goal is to develop a team relationship to provide the most reliable, technical and effective solutions to your problems. Together we can achieve a high level of productivity and profitability for your business.

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ADDAGIOH SUPPLIES was incorporated in November 2007 with the primary aim of providing on time delivery cooking gas and allied products to end users, providing quality allied products, on time delivery from LPG depot to LPG bottling plants, design, construction and installation of LPG filling plants and one stop service provider for LPG start up businesses.


We have grown to maintain versatility and important close client/Technical partnership with foreign OEMs for the delivery of quality LPG equipment. We are confident that these are of vital Importance in maintaining high quality Services. This in addition to the professionalism and the experience of our technical team gives us the business edge in installation/commissioning of standard LPG filling plant and Procurement Services.